Athlete-vs-Athlete, h2h battle game (2016)

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Athlete-vs-Athlete, h2h battle game (2016)


To create a custom gaming experience for Daily Head To Head contests. For members to be able to pick only one athlete instead of a whole fantasy team and play against another member. To integrate NHL, MLB, NFL, and MBA.


Launched the system and supported it for 4 months. Developed a comprehensive training bonus system. The system attracted several thousand users. Some formal issues regarding payment processes occurred as the Product Owner wasn’t able to select the right provider with low-risk payment service. Eventually, the system‘s popularity decreased due to payment inconveniences.


Goalserve (several kinds of sports)
P.S. This gaming concept has a lot of similar implementations over the web and we have our own solution to create such a game or integrate it into the existing system.

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