Technologies and Processes

SportySystems is the team

We don't simply aim to generate code, but to deliver personalized solutions. Come to us with a goal for your business, we will find a way to achieve it.


We deliver solutions for:


React, Angular, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3


Yii, Laravel, Slim, Node, Rails, Ruby


MySQL, mongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Setver, redis, RabbitMQ


Swift, Java, Kotlin

We use

Jenkins, gitlab
Process (how we work)

Processes (how we work)

  • Initial meetings: To understand your ideas we will hold a few meetings, and outline your expectations for each iteration of your project
  • Agile approach: After having discussed the general ideas we will start building the plan for each iteration of the development process
  • QA: We integrate quality assurance into all stages of software development, from project description to release, and even post-release.
  • Frequent demos: At the end of each sprint we will show you our progress in accordance to the sprint plan to update you on the the current state of development and imply changes if needed
  • MVP first: We aim for long term work but start with simple steps. Big projects are like marathons: the more paced the efforts are at first, the longer the run.

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